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“This book is perfect for anyone planning a trip to photograph herps in California.  It is current and includes photographs of animals, I didn’t even know exist.”

Debbie Kirkwood, iNaturalist Explorer

“One of the best books of its kind in existence. Brimming with up-to-date information, beautiful photographs, and accurate maps, Amphibians and Reptiles of California by William Flaxington should be on the shelf, or, better yet, in the hands, of anyone with a passion for California's herpetofauna..” 

“Reminiscent of the classic reptile guides of the past, informative, with techniques to see and find these elusive critters in the wild.  I have a library of books and this one fits nicely in that collection.”

Gabriel Ginez, UC Santa Cruz

James Maughn, Cabrillo College

“This reference book has superb photographs of all species of amphibians and reptiles found in California, each depicted with a range map marked with black points correlating to the author’s field observations.” 

Jonny Ward, Ecology Student

“If you ever have wanted to look for reptiles and amphibians in California, this is your book. It’s not only detailed and concise, but incredibly specific. While many field guides give broad descriptions of how to find a species, this book is more like having a seasoned field herper by your side, giving you exact guidance to your quest. The field observations section literally gives you locations to search- something unheard of in most field guides. This is a serious must have for any California field herper, from first timers to seasoned field vets.” 

Myke Clarkson, National Geographic

“this book is awesome and a must have for…book collectors.  Very well written, great pictures, and accurate. Will put a lot of work into this and adding his field records alone shows his decades of dedication to the herp field. I wish more herpers took field notes. Hopefully, this book will inspire many to do so. …From one field note taker to another…5 star review!” 

Paul Lynum, Field Herpetologist

"...amazing! Maybe the only guide one might ever need in California. It’s so much more than I was expecting. I see why it took extra time to finish."

Jeff Nordland, Admired Field Herpetologist

“As a biologist, I thought that I knew everything about herps, I was wrong.  The accounts are thorough and included even those believes extirpated.  The sea snake lists all known occurrences  in California."

"A got‘a have book, this is gold to those studying California herps.  I won't be leaving home this spring without consulting this reference first.  Five stars!"

Derrick Nesheiwat, Amateur Herpetologist

Daniel Kervin, Sea World, San Diego

“I am not an expert on reptiles or amphibians, but with William Flaxington’s book I don’t need to be.  Everything a California native needs to know about our regional reptilian fauna is here in these pages.  Flaxington has spent a lifetime in the field observing photographing these creatures and he has packed this book with everything he has learned and hundreds of excellent photos.  ’Amphibians and Reptiles of California' is a rare field guide for the naturalist and amateur herpetologist. I find myself browsing through it often. Thank you, William Flaxington!” 

Spencer Rogers,  Stanford University

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