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The Creatures

Renowned for its biodiversity, California is home to vast numbers of amphibians and reptiles, from a variety of slender salamanders to the venomous Gila Monster and massive Leatherback Sea Turtle. Flaxington has studied these intriguing creatures since the 1980s and this book is a synthesis of that laboratory and fieldwork.

  • 184 species accounts, including those introduced to the state

  • 411 color illustrations

  • 121 distribution maps

  • Information on how and where to see these fascinating creatures


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“This reference book has superb photographs of all species of amphibians and reptiles found in California, each depicted with a range map marked with black points correlating to the author’s field observations.” 

Jonny Ward, Ecology Student

“Reminiscent of the classic reptile guides of the past, informative, with techniques to see and find these elusive critters in the wild.  I have a library of books and this one fits nicely in that collection.”

Gabriel Ginez, UC Santa Cruz

“One of the best books of its kind in existence. Brimming with up-to-date information, beautiful photographs, and accurate maps, Amphibians and Reptiles of California by William Flaxington should be on the shelf, or, better yet, in the hands, of anyone with a passion for California's herpetofauna..” 

James Maughn, Cabrillo College

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Amphibians and reptiles

of California

Field Observations, Distribution, and natural history